"A thing of beauty is a joy forever...." (inpurity) wrote in untamed_flames,
"A thing of beauty is a joy forever...."

Return to Spirit Lake (The heart is the only compass you'll ever need.) - Fanart

When I first saw that someone had taken the time to illustrate a scene from my story I could hardly believe it, and then I opened the attachement and positively squealed with glee.

The lovely, lovely art for my story is from spoonmeathere, go and tell her how great she is.

Christmas comes with more snow and the annual choir concert. All the kids gets dressed up and they gather (usually in half a foot of snow) under the massive pine tree that stands in front of the town hall, decorated with silver and blue glass balls.

Gerard doesn’t want to go just for the sake of old memories, but Mikey hands him a small flask of spiked Christmas punch, takes him by the sleeve of his jacket and stumbles happily, trudging snow and whispering in his ear, loud enough that Frank can hear.

“You know, Frank used to come and see you every year. Even that time he was sick with bronchitis. That’s love, bro’.


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